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Продукция RegO 8 (495) 115-48-25

О продуции RegO® LPG & NH3

В 1908, первые продукты RegO® были разработаны для газовой сварочной промышленности. The name RegO® was derived from the words "Regulator" and "Oxygen". In 1923, the RegO® line was established in the young, but promising, LP-Gas industry. RegO® Product engineers, in conjunction with LP-Gas marketers, pioneered the development of propane valves and regulators to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industry. The RegO® MultiValve illustrates our tradition of innovation. In the 1930s, the MultiValve® was designed to combine several valve functions in one unit. This made more practical tank designs possible - with fewer openings and smaller, less cumbersome protective hoods. Over the years, the MultiValve® has kept pace with the changing LP-Gas industry - continuing to keep tank fabricating cost down and reducing operating expenses for LP-Gas dealers. Other industry standards patented under the RegO® name include: Double Check Fill Valves, Pop Action Relief Valves, Chek-Lok Valves and the MultiBonnet.

Производство продукции RegO®

RegO® Products are manufactured at four facilities in the state of North Carolina, USA. At a 7,000 square meters machining facility, brass and ductile iron castings are crafted into product components.

Only the highest quality materials go into all RegO® Products. The machining operation utilizes robotics, automatic machining, and computer integrated manufacturing to achieve exacting standards.

After passing stringent quality controls, components go to one of two assembly facilities. A 9,300 square meters facility houses both assembly operations and the company’s corporate headquarters. The facility has an in house test laboratory, complete with a working tank farm and high pressure lines - allowing engineers to complete design and performance tests on site. Both assembly facilities are certified to ISO9001 by UL®. A new automated facility is dedicated solely to the production of Regulators. Following assembly, all products receive 100% testing for reliable performance.

Глобальная перспектива

RegO® Valves and Regulators are sold by a network of distributors and agents throughout the United States, Canada, and over 100 countries around the globe.

In addition RegO operates GmbH, the RegO® Products European Distribution Center - supplying products to a network of authorized distributors throughout Europe.

Distribution Centers have also been established in the rapidly growing Latin America. OEM accounts in Mexico are serviced through a modern facility located in Monterrey, Mexico. Mercosur OEM accounts are serviced through a distribution center located in Uruguay. In 2008 a distribution center has been opened in Shanghai. This location serves as the local logistic center for all RegO Product sales in the region.

Подразделение RegO® Cryogenic Products

RegO is the premier manufacturer of gas control products to the industrial gas and liquefied cryogenic liquids industry worldwide. RegO manufactures a extensive variety of gas and liquid pressure controls, pressure regulating products, pressure relief devices, and a broad range of ancillary equipment.

Our products are found in a spectrum of industries including health care, aerospace, electronics, chemicals, energy, food and beverage, industrial gas and liquids, and alternative fuels such as LNG.

RegO is recognized as a world leader in product quality and innovation with unsurpassed product design and manufacturing through our facilities located in North Carolina, USA.

With strategically located RegO operating centers in four countries, we are positioned to support our products through a network of authorized distributors and have strategic alliances with OEM vessel and system manufacturers throughout the world.

Подразделение RegO® Liquid Natural Gas

Совместно с ориентацией мирового взора на альтернативные источники горючего, RegO гордиться возможностью предложить наиболее продвинутое оборудование для сжиженного природного газа применяемого в транспортных средствах. Компания является поставщиком «номер один» для значительно растущего рынка СПГ. RegO provides our customers with the highest quality product through our international distribution network and regional offices in Latin America, Europe & Asia. With four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, we are constantly expanding our product lines to meet the needs for the emerging LNG market.

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